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Business Registered Address X X X X X
Mail Notification X X X X X
Mail Self-Collection X X X X X
Mail Redirection** X X X X X
Shared Fax** X X X X X
Shared Phone Line X X      
Dedicated Phone Line     X X X
Secretarial Services       X X
Meeting Room Rental** X X X X X
Printing Services** X X X X X
Others** X X X X X
Prices (nett per month) From $ 55 From $85 From $125 From $185 From $285


**Pay as you use service


: Registered Address

Classic provides prestigious address: 7500A Beach Road, The Plaza, Singapore 199591 for your business or company registration. Registered Address can be used on your business cards, company letterheads or other official company documents.

: Mail Notification

Classic collects your mails daily (during working days) and provides an email, SMS or courtesy call notification of your mails received. This is applicable to courier services as well. No notification will be provided if you have no mails. SMS and call notification is chargeable to non-local mobile phone users.

: Mail Self-Collection

Classic will keep your mails at our office for your self-collection during office hours. Uncollected mails will be disposed or re-directed after 120 days.

: Mail Redirection

Classic will redirect your mail as instructed (i.e. once every Friday) and service charge $0.50 (excluding envelope cost and postage) per mail redirection to your specified address in addition to the postage cost. If Friday is a non-working day, your mail redirection will be brought forward to the next earliest working day. Special courier services can also be arranged for important or urgent mail.

: Courier Services

Classic will courier your documents as instructed (i.e. once every Friday or next available working day) and a standard service charge of $2 (excluding courier charges) per courier to your specified registered mailing address. For non-urgent documents Classic will use Speedpost Worldwide Courier-EMS (estimated delivery about 3 working days). For urgent courier we have other options available (expected delivery under 3 working days). Please refer the below courier company for current rates.

• EMS - http://www.speedpost.com.sg/
• DPEX - http://www.dpex.com/singapore/main.asp
• Destination Courier
• Glory 9
• Nationalwide Express

: Shared Fax

Classic provides the fax golden number for your business or company use.

: Shared Phone Line

Economic & sharing of telephone number within 8 companies 4 golden numbers for you to choose & NO additional phone cost

Shared phone answering services helps you to save cost on telephone bills
Our Classic secretary will greet only good morning & good afternoon.
Messages for you will be taken down and redirect to you as per your instruction
Notification via phone call, SMS text, Email or fax to you

: Dedicated Phone Line

At Classic, we're your personal secretary will announce your company name while answering your calls. Voice mail, phone transfer to your mobile phone / other phone, SMS & email notification can be arranged as instructed. Clients who're taking up this plan will need to registered a business phone line with a telephone at our premises & bills or other charges will be paid by client.

: Secretarial Services

Typing and Word Processing
Mail Merge, label printing
Data Entry
Telephone Answering
Photocopying and Printing
Mail Collection
Managing Appointments and Travel Arrangements

: Printing Services

We offered a range of digital print, offset printing for your marketing needs for Brochures, name cards, catalogues, folders, invoices etc.

: Others Services

Basic Accounting Services
Need help with your taxes, let out professional accountants help. Here is what we would do for your taxes

• Accounting, Book keeping on trial balance & balance sheet
• Goods & Services Tax (GST) Registration, compliance and reporting
• Full payroll services
• Personal income tax
• ACRA / Bizfile matters
• Medisave or filing of employee CPF

: Bulk Faxing Services

Bulk faxing of your company advertisement
Our rates for 1 page & 1 time faxing to 60,000 corporate local at S$ 600 = S$ 0.006 per fax (Promo rates)

: Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing Services available for your company to reach out to corporate and retail clients.
We experienced with many marketing projects such as SingTel, Javanese massage and country club memberships.
Call us for a free consultation on your promotional requirements. Prices start from as low as $1500 per project.